The first multi-chain fully curated NFT marketplace in Thailand.

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**Gold Ticket Rewards System will be launched at a later time (stay tuned for more info). ONE Collection Airdrop NFTs are qualifying NFTs and will count towards Gold Ticket accumulation. Don’t miss this chance to grab some before the Gold Ticket Rewards are launched!



NFT1Market has cooperated with many well-respected Thai artists to create the most unique NFT collectibles for Thai NFT collectors.



Oct 2021

• NFT1Market launch announcement
• NFT1Market launched on BSC and Polygon Chain with 45,000 Free “ONE” collection NFT Airdrop Giveaway Campaign.
• Official Launch of 5,000 “ONE” Collection NFTs for sale on NFT1Market
• Gold Tickets Tracker (Will be added to Marketplace after launch)

Nov 2021

• NFT1 Generative NFT Market Launch
• NFT1.Market Collector Profile Customisation

Dec 2021

• NFT1Market shall unveil a big surprise for our Thai fans.
Please stay tuned for more updates.

Ready in January 2022

• Gasless Upgrade on NFT1Market is estimated to be ready by the end of December 2021.
Once completed, users can perform all transactions on NFT1Market without paying any gas.



NFT1 Market is the first multi-chain NFT fully curated marketplace in Thailand. We offer top-quality NFTs produced by Thailand's top artists. Our NFTs come with exclusive privileges for holders and the opportunity to earn more exciting benefits with Gold Tickets.



Buy and collect exclusive NFT1 Featured Artists NFTs from NFT1.Market


Buy/Sell your NFT1.Market curated NFTs to other NFT collectors with low fees on Binance Smart Chain and ultra low gas fees on Polygon Chain.


Get free NFTs by simply holding any NFT1’s NFT in your wallet. The more different qualifying NFTs that you hold in your wallet, the more Gold Tickets you will have. Gold Tickets unlock free NFTs every time NFT1 releases a new Featured Artist NFT Collection.


Collect our NFTs and unlock exclusive VIP privileges for simply holding them in your wallet.


"ONE" Collection Showcase



Meet our talented men and women.


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Creative Director

Don Sim
Don Sim



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Drop Manager


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Graphic Designer



          It is important to firstly express that NFT1 believes that all NFTs are works of creativity transformed into digital collectibles on the blockchain. We have immense respect for all NFT producers and creators around the world.

         “NFT1” to us is an accumulation of everything we love in art, music, gaming, TV shows & film, animation, sports & esports, even alternate reality metaverses. NFT1 is our answer to how NFT technology can provide its true value to traditional businesses. To take their IP, content, brands or businesses and transform them to become possibly better versions or create completely new products and experiences for their fans and users. We believe that we can create and unlock never seen or experienced before opportunities for fans across all genres of music, art, film, sports and more. We believe we can create brand new user experiences and activities for users to rediscover music, art, film, sports, etc in the metaverse and in a bright new light.

          NFT1Market is the first multi-chain NFT marketplace in Thailand. We offer top-quality NFTs produced by Thailand's top artists. Our NFT comes with exclusive privileges for holders and the opportunity to earn more benefits in the future.

          Non-Fungible means “not interchangeable.” This means that no NFT is exactly the same as another NFT and therefore, cannot be stacked uniformly . On the contrary, bitcoin is a fungible token and is absolutely the same as any other bitcoin (fungible and interchangeable). If you have an NFT, that means that this token contains a unique record and its value. This consequently means that one NFT is not interchangeable with another NFT even if it has the same design or same look.

          In other words, NFTs are blockchain-enabled records of ownership attached to digital pieces of art, music, animations, or even pegged to physical collectibles or rewards. The idea is that these digital NFTs are unique or created in limited quantities and cannot be replicated. NFTs transform digital works into one-of-a-kind, verifiable assets that are easy to trade on the blockchain.

           Artists, musicians and creators are often stuck in lengthy negotiations with intermediaries, and their success heavily depends on a big network of agents and distribution platforms. To sell music, art, and other kinds of creative content, Creators depend on the rapidly declining music sales, the music/video streaming platforms for streaming & advertising revenue, and Live-Performances/Events/Shows. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic, many live performances or events have since been postponed or canceled. Blockchain technology solves a lot of those problems using NFTs — because it creates a new creative economy that is based on smart contracts.

          Non-Fungible Tokens is an innovative way to sell tokenized creative content like Art or Music of any format and keep an unchangeable track of ownership. It also enables the distribution of royalty fees in a fair and transparent way when the art is sold on a secondary market.

          Owning an NFT is similar to owning a piece of art or a collectible card — but in digital form and its ownership registered uniquely to its owner. NFTs can be bought and sold on NFT marketplaces using cryptocurrencies. Just like real-life collectibles, NFTs can also represent a person’s taste and interests, avid NFT collectors often love sharing their collections on social media to their friends.

          NFT1Market is striving to provide a high quality line of NFTs for our most avid collectors. In doing so, we curate every NFT we offer in our marketplace and all our artists are handpicked.

          NFT1’s vision of merging the real world and the metaverse is true to the NFTs we produce. We are constantly experimenting with new NFT innovations and NFT creative ideas. This begins with our desire to bring the best in art, music, animation, photography, film, sports and even brands together to create new unprecedented fusions in NFT creations.

          In addition, we are constantly experimenting how our NFTs can be pegged to real world physical merchandise and collectibles, and unforgettable VIP experiences or unlocking amazing privileges.

          Our NFT1 Gold Ticket VIP Membership - to allow everyone to unlock the true benefits of our NFTs and NFT technology as well as to give our celebrities and artists an ability to reach their fans in a way never possible before.

          When you are buying an NFT, including those produced by NFT1, you are obtaining a limited license. That means that the art piece or it’s parts          cannot be used for commercial purposes. Similarly, if you bought a painting, you are buying a license for personal non-commercial use.

Full guide on How To buy NFT on NFT1 Market Coming soon! 

          NFT1Market is a fully curated NFT Marketplace. Only NFTs purchased from NFT1Market can be sold in NFT1Market. Interested artists may apply to Only shortlisted artists will be contacted by our NFT1 production teams.

          At present, we are only on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Polygon Chain . We are also considering the Ethereum Chain and other EVM compatible chains for possible expansion at a later stage.

See full guide on how to setup your Metamask Wallet here.

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          Community members who show passion and have sufficient understanding of NFT1Market may be eligible to contribute as community moderators and may even be paid by NFT1 for their contributions.


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